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From the very first, I grew up with a love of timber.

Both my grandfather and uncle were sawyers shipping timber around Fiji and New Zealand. I quickly became fascinated with the nature of the timber. Each had its own distinct grain and characteristics that remained even after the boards were processed.

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The French connection.

Over a number of visits beginning in the eighties, I began to experience French culture, travelling widely across the country. In particular, I was struck by the quality of the timber and one beautiful old stone building in the Limousin region. Inside, the building sported exposed French oak beams and chestnut sawn boards lining a terracotta tile roof. Compared to the manufactured boards I was used to seeing back home in New Zealand, these were works of art, communicating to me across a distant age.

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I soon began visiting and talking with local sawmills, purchasing timber from them to import back to New Zealand.

The French have a very particular way of sourcing their timber, carefully culling and re-growing their forests. Surplus logs are sometimes buried under the earth and watered, protecting them until the time is right for machining and they're aged to perfection.

Today, I source our engineered French oak flooring boards from a second-generation family sawmill in the Lorraine region of France. Our solid French oak timber and flooring boards are sourced from a sawmill dating back to the 1800's, also from this region, which is renowned for its timber quality. And, just as of old, demand continues to exceed supply.

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